Tracking Options

Platte Canyon offers two student tracking options which work exceptionally well for web, LAN, hard drive, or CD-deployed applications.
TBK Tracker works for native ToolBook books or for HTML content created in Exam Engine, Training Studio, or other tools. It organizes individual ToolBook books or HTML lessons that we call “lessons” into “courses.”

Use TBK Tracker when you want to:
  • Deploy native books on CD, hard drive, or LAN.
  • Use HTML content created with Exam Engine™, Training Studio™ or other HTML-based tools.
  • Track test scores and question responses at the lesson level.
  • Prevent students from going to the next lesson until the current one is successfully completed.
  • Track at two levels (course and lesson).
  • Have your developers work on separate lessons.
  • Reuse lessons between courses. For example, you might have the same lesson as part of the “Technician” and “Engineer” courses.
Tracker.Net works with DHTML ToolBook as well as other SCORM-compliant content.

Use Tracker.Net when you want to:
  • Deploy DHTML ToolBook or other SCORM-compliant, web-based content.
  • Track test scores and question responses to the extent supported by SCORM.
  • Support large (e.g., thousands or tens of thousands) of students in a single database.
  • Deploy on a Windows web-server with the .NET runtime and SQL Server.
  • Have supervisory levels where those with Administrator or Reporter access see only students assigned to them directly or indirectly.
  • Support expiration of content.
  • Enforce sequencing of courses
  • End course access on a particular date, upon completion, or X days after first use.

For more information, please go to the TBK Tracker Information Page.

For more information go to the Tracker.Net Information Page.