DHTML Options


Use these selections in the Options window to change settings that affect the DHTML output used when publishing ToolBook to the web.


Action On Close


This allows you to control what happens when the user closes a lesson without clicking on an Exit button. You can choose to mark the lesson as complete, discard results, or suspend the lesson (and mark it as incomplete).


Compress DHTML When Converting AXF


This option is selected by default. When selected, output from the program that converts from AXF to DHTML is compressed.


If you de-select this option, you can get a "debug build" with uncompressed output. In this case:



Be aware that de-selecting this option is not officially supported or tested.


Display LMS Debug Window


Check this option to have a "Debug Window" display whenever an exported DHTML lesson is run. This is helpful for seeing SCORM calls and other information. Be sure to uncheck this box before final export as the window will be distracting to end users.


Auto Generate Windows Media Players


Uncheck this option if you are not using sound files that play through Windows Media Player and do not ToolBook's DHTML to initialize a Windows Media Player for use in audio feedback. This can be helpful if end users do not have the Windows Media Player installed.