Using Comments

The Plug-In Comment tools let you create and review notes from within a ToolBook application. The comments you write are stored in an external .DOC file that you can open with your favorite word processor. Each comment is saved with information identifying the current page. Each book will have its own comment file.


You can do the following:


Generate/ADDCOMMENT12.gif  Add a Comment

Generate/VIEWCOMMENTS22.gif  View Comments

Generate/SETCOMMENTSLOCATION22.gif  Set the location of the comment file


If you do not set the location of the comment file, it will be saved in the same location as the book.


Here is an example comment stored in the comment file:




Page Name: How To Use the Background

Page Number: 32

Page ID Number: 18


Comment: Can you make the background a light shade of blue?




Note: A major difference between Sticky Notes and Comments is where the information is stored. Sticky Notes are ToolBook fields that are on the pages and backgrounds in the book. Comments are stored in a file outside of the book.