Modifying Global Settings




Use the Toolbar or the Modify menu to edit the database's global information. This is also the place where you can customize some of the information collected and stored from the students. Open Enrollment, Password Required, Enable 'Print Test' button, and Return to Last Lesson Page all have counterparts on the Modify Courses screen. If a course is set to "UseGlobals," then this global setting is used. Otherwise, the course setting takes precedence.


One Course Only allows students to skip the "Course Selection" dialog box on login. Instead, they default to the course selected from the list. Use Inactivity Timeout allows you stop logging course and lesson time once a student has spent a certain number of minutes on a page (set by the value in the field to the right of box). This avoids spurious values when a student happens to leave a course open for an extended time. If you want to exit the user instead (after first saving their work), check the Exit User When Inactivity Timeout Reached box. These options are only used in ToolBook deployment. Default Organization is the organization used when a new student logs into a course (note that this can be <None>) and in Batch Import if an organization is not specified. The remaining data allows administrators to customize the data collected from new users and stored in the Students table. The Logon Data may be assigned to any field in the Students table. This may be a defined field such as SocialSecurityNumber or one of three customizable fields called Identifier1, Identifier2, and Identifier3. When a new student logs in, TBK Tracker prompts him to enter any Logon Data specified, putting the result in the corresponding field of the Students table. The Logon Data Caption is the text of the "prompt" for the information. The Logon Data Tooltip is used as the title of the window asking the student to enter the information. It is also used to label the information on the Modify Students screen and in various reports. If the required data is Social Security Number, be sure to store it in the SocialSecurityNumber field rather than one of the identifiers. This is because TBK Tracker will ensure validity (nine numbers) and formatting (ToolBook only). Other types of identification numbers will need to be stored in the identifier fields. Be sure that all unneeded Logon Data selections are set to <None>. Click on the screen below to learn more.




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