Modifying Lessons






Use the Toolbar or the Modify menu to bring up a "form" view of lesson information. To view the details of a lesson, select it from the Lesson List. You can then add or edit any of the lesson information.


Of particular importance is location. The recommended solution is to locate the lesson books relative to the front end book or player. This means that you only enter a relative path and don't need to edit this location as part of the installation. You can also enter a complete path, however. To avoid your installation having to edit the database value in this case, you may override this location using via the tbksettg4.ini file (ToolBook only). Check the Make Location Relative box to make the make the location path relative. CD Name is used to specify the name of the CD when Multiple CD's is checked for the course (ToolBook only). Completion method can be either "Test" or "Visit." When you are using Test, then you'll need to set the Minimum Test Score. When using Visit, you'll need to store the ASYM_BeenHere properties for the lesson. The "Question Log" is a very powerful TBK Tracker feature. It gives you the ability to store information about every question on every lesson test that the student takes. You control whether this information is stored with the Store Question Log setting. You can prevent the student from viewing her own detailed question information by checking Skip View Question Log. Similarly, you may control whether TBK Tracker stores the ASYM_Done property (ToolBook only), whether to prevent students from returning to a page within the lesson (e.g., if you want the material always started at the beginning), and whether to allow "favorites" to be stored for the lesson. TBK Tracker also has the ability to store (and, optionally, restore) the value of user properties in the lesson (ToolBook only). You might want to do this to customize a student's preferences or to store unique lesson information. To edit or add user properties, work with the User Properties for Lesson Grid. To add a new lesson, click the Add button. To delete a lesson, click on the Delete button. To import multiple lessons from a delimited text file, click the Batch Import button. Click on the screen below to learn more.


Note: Only "Developer" users are able to add/delete lessons, store user properties, or change the ASYM_Done settings. Therefore, these choices will be disabled for those users who don't own a developer version of TBK Tracker.




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