Batch Import



You click on this button on the any of the student, lesson, course, class, or organization screens to import the associated information from a delimited text file, which must be of a defined format.


TBK Tracker displays a settings dialog and then prompts you for the file.


1. This settings dialog is customized for the information you are importing. On the left side is a list of all the columns in the corresponding table in the database. Check the ones that are included in your file. You can check or uncheck the "Select All" box to make the process faster. Note that the file needs to have the columns in this order.


Next, you select the delimiter. The default is TAB, but you can choose a different one as shown.




If you choose <Custom>, then enter the character in the field to the right of the drop-down. TBK Tracker will remember your choice and default to that for all future imports. If your file has the column names as the first line of the file, check the "First Row of File Contains Column Names" box so that TBK Tracker can skip that line.




For student imports, there are additional settings. If the file does not contain a default password, you can check the "Use Default Password" box and use the value entered as the password for all the students. Similarly, you can pick an organization if the CompanyID is not included in the import file.


2. You next select the text file that contains the information to be imported. Note that this file must be a defined format. TBK Tracker will remember your choice and default to that path and file name the next time you do that type of import (student, lesson, course, etc.).




3. If TBK Tracker encounters any errors, it will display them now. Otherwise, you will see a dialog like the one below telling you how many records were imported. You will then return to the "parent" screen. You must click the OK button on that screen in order to save the batch import changes.