Modifying Students






Use the Toolbar or the Modify menu to bring up a "form" view of student information. To view the details of a student, select him or her from the Student List. You can then add or edit any of the student information.


Note that there is no address data associated with an individual student. Instead, address goes with the student's organization, which you can select from the drop-down list. When you add a new student, he or she is initially associated with the Default Organization defined on the Modify Global Settings screen. You may click the "..." button to the right of the Organization to add or edit an organization. If no organization is appropriate, you may choose <None>. To distinguish between various organizations within an organization, use the Department and possibly one of the Logon Data selections defined on the Modify Global Settings screen. If the Logon Data is set to one of the Identifier fields, its label is set to the corresponding Logon Data Tooltip value. This can be seen with the "Location" label in the screen below. To change the classes to which the student is assigned, click the Assign Classes to Student button. To change the courses in which the student is directly registered, click the Assign Courses to Student button. To add a new student, click the Add button. To delete a student, click on the Delete button. To import multiple students from a delimited text file, click the Batch Import button. Click on the screen below to learn more.




Screen Elements