Assigning a Database

To open the Assign Database window, open your frontend book and then select Assign Database from the TBKTrack menu.


Use the Assign Database window to select a database and assign it to your frontend book. To add a new database or edit database settings, you must use the TBK Tracker Administrator.


All available Database IDs are listed in the Assign Database window. To assign a database to your front end book, select it from the list and then click the Assign To Current Book button. The Database ID for your selection is stored as the tbkTrackerDatabaseID property of your front end book. This property must be identical to the Database ID entered when you added the database using the TBK Tracker Administrator.


If a database is already assigned to your front end book, the text <* Currently Assigned *> will appear beside its Database ID.


Database settings vary depending on the Provider Type of the database.