Catalog - Front End Setup Buttons

TBK Tracker setup does not require any scripting. Instead, configure your front end book by dragging one or more buttons from the Front End Setup Buttons section of the catalog.


If you use the catalog's menuOfLessons page template, it will already have the setup button.


How to use the setup buttons:


  1. You must have the "frontEndMenuOfLessonsPageSetup" button on your menu of lessons page under all circumstances. It will add the correct system books, initialize TBK Tracker, and perform other tasks.

  2. If the menu of lessons page is not the first page of your front end book, then you must also include the "frontEndFirstPageSetup" button; place this button on the first page of your front end book.


Where To Find These Buttons


In all versions of ToolBook, these buttons are in the TBK Tracker Front End Objects category:




Note that these buttons also set the tbkTrackerAuthorMode book property, which controls whether the TBKTrack menu is available to you. To set this book property, select one of the buttons and click the "Extended Properties" button shown to the left. That will bring up the "Ask" box shown, allowing you to set the tbkTrackerAuthorMode property to True or False.