Editing the Index

After you create an index you can edit it by selecting Edit Index from the TBKTrack menu. This will open the Index Editor where you can add and modify index entries.


Each page in the index must have a unique primary entry. It can have additional entries that need not be unique. All entries will appear alphabetically in the index.


To edit index entries in the Index Editor:

  1. Select a page name or primary index entry from one of the top two fields.

  2. If you want to view the page, click the Go To Page button.

  3. Edit the list on the lower right to delete, edit or add index entries for the page. Separate entries by a hard return.

  4. To remove a page from the index, delete all of its index entries.

  5. Click on another page name or primary index to update the index list.

  6. Select Save to save all changes and close the Index Editor.


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