Indicating Lesson Completion

TBK Tracker will use one of two methods in determining if a user has completed a lesson:

  1. Testing, or

  2. Pages Seen.


The completion method is determined through the TBK Tracker Administrator.


Completion By Testing


If lesson completion is determined by testing, you will need to setup your lesson book using one of the following methods:


Method 1: Use the "Score" button from the TBK Tracker catalog in your lesson book to score the user's test. This button is similar to the "Score" button from the standard catalog, but it also sets and resets the userLessonTestScore property required by TBK Tracker. Be sure to RESET your book before saving so all scores and questions are reset prior to delivery.


Method 2: Instructor users can use OpenScript to set a lesson book property userLessonTestScore to the user's score when he or she exits the book. TBK Tracker will then check that score against the minimum score required for completion. In addition, TBK Tracker will add that score to the user and lesson data, including test average and test attempts. Therefore this property MUST BE NULL when you save the book, or every user could be given the score saved with the book.


Select the Edit Lesson Book Properties option on the TBKTrack menu to bring up an editor which lets you set this property to null.


Completion By Pages Seen


If lesson completion is determined by Pages Seen, TBK Tracker uses the ASYM_BeenHere property of pages to determine completion. You must reset your lesson books prior to delivery for this feature to work correctly.


The ASYM_BeenHere property is only saved if the "Store ASYM_BeenHere" box is checked in the Modify Lessons screen of the TBK Tracker Administrator. ToolBook automatically sets this page property to true when the user leaves the page. When you save your lesson books for delivery, always use the "Reset book and save" option (rather than the "Quick" save option), or send ASYM_Reset to the book before saving. This ensures that the ASYM_BeenHere property of each page is reset. Note that once TBK Tracker has determined that ASYM_BeenHere has been set to true on a particular page, it will never check that page again for completion status. This means that you cannot "revoke" completion status in any way through script.


If you do NOT want a page included in this check (for example, viewer default pages or "hidden" resource pages), you must set the skipAsymInfo user property of the page to true or the skipNavigation user property to true. You do not need to set this property for page Empty , however.