Set Skip Question

Selecting Set Skip Question from the TBKTrack menu lets you set (or clear) the tbkTrackSkip property of a CBT question object.


If this property is set to true for a question, the question is skipped in all TBK Tracker question information (i.e., in the "View Test Details" function of the Student Information screen as well as the stored question log in the database).


If this property is cleared (its default is null), the question will be included in all TBK Tracker question information.


If there is only one question object on the page, selecting this menu item will find the question, read its tbkTrackSkip property, and then give you an "Ask box" interface for changing it as shown below. If there is more than one question, you should select the question before choosing the menu item.




Note: This function is only relevant if the lesson has been set up (through the TBK Tracker Administrator) to "Store Question Log."