Welcome to the TBK Tracker Tools Help. The following Help Topics are available:


Getting Started

     Getting Started

     Overview of the TBK Tracker System

     TBK Tracker Hierarchy

     TBK Tracker System Files



     Configuring TBK Tracker

     Creating a Database

     Assigning a Database

     Creating a Front End Book

     Creating Lesson Books

     Indicating Lesson Completion

     Editing TBK Tracker Book Properties


Tools and Catalog Objects

     Using TBK Tracker Catalog Objects

     Using the TBKTrack Menu

     Displaying TBK Tracker Developer Help

     Displaying TBK Tracker User Level Help



     About Favorites

     About the Index

     Creating or Adding to an Index

     Editing the Index

     Creating a Certificate

     TBK Tracker Administrator

     TBK Tracker Reporter


Distributing Your Application

     Distributing Your TBK Tracker Application

     Installing Your TBK Tracker Application On a Network


License Agreement


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