Database fields (Sources)

Use this area of the Setup Sources window to define a database for the selected source.




Content DB field

Use the Browse button Generate/browseBtn.gif to browse to an existing database, create a new (blank) one, or duplicate an existing database. We recommend you allow the tool to make the database path relative to your book when possible, but you can turn off this feature if you prefer.




If you are choosing a database for your first source, select New.


If you have already written content to your initial source database and you are creating additional sources, choose Duplicate to make a copy of the initial database. You will then have all objects and initial data in the database ready for translating.


Password and User Name


If your database already has a password and/or user name, enter those values in the corresponding fields. Entering values in the Password and User Name fields will NOT change the Password and User Name of the database itself. You must use Access if you want to change the password or user name of a database.