Deploying With AutoPackager

When using TTS for web deployment, AutoPackager is not necessary. Just load your application book with the correct language and publish to the web.


The recommendation when packaging for native deployment (see Distributing Your Application) is to use a professional installation product such as InstallShieldŽ Professional or WiseŽ Installer. However the AutoPackager steps below will work.




Put your application book (your ToolBook .tbk file), your application's .tts file, your application's database files (the .mdb files), and any other files required by your application in the same directory.



Open your ToolBook application and choose AutoPackager from ToolBook's File menu. Complete the initial AutoPackager steps as you choose. When you get to this AutoPackager step check the box to Include all files in this book's directory.





You will want to exclude ToolBook backup files (TB 9 only) as shown below.





These three files need to be added manually:


ttsXXr.sbk (where XX refers to your version of ToolBook)




Add them in this AutoPackager window:




For each of the three files, click the Add button and navigate to the tbSystem folder. This is typically either:
c:\program files\common files\toolbook\tbsystem or
c:\program files\common files\click2learn\tbsystem

Then choose the file and click Open.




While still in this window, you need to specify that these files should install to the ToolBook runtime folder. To do this, select each file in turn and click the Edit button. This will open the Extension Dependencies window. Choose the $COMMON$ option from the dropdown at the bottom then click OK.






Complete all other AutoPackager steps as you normally would.



See Also: Distributing Your Application