Exclude/Include Selected Object

Use the Exclude/Include Selected Object option on the TTS menu to exclude the selected object that for whatever reason you do not want translated. This might be because you are setting its content via interaction with another object on the page. If you have previously excluded an object and want to include it again, select the object and choose this menu option. TTS will then confirm that the object is now included. Excluding questions and supported Catalog Objects (Bullet, Text Pane, and Shadowed Text Field) is supported but other groups are not. You need to exclude the individual objects within those groups.


Note: This option sets the TTS_exclude property of the object to TRUE when this option is selected. Advanced Instructor developers can set this property with OpenScript if desired. Setting the TTS_exclude property of a page to TRUE will exclude all objects on the page and setting TTS_exclude of a background to TRUE will exclude all pages on that background. However, setting TTS_exclude of a group (other than questions and included Catalog Object such as Bullet, Text Pane, and Shadowed Text Field) will have no effect. You must set this property of each individual object within the group.