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Version 11.5 is here with a new lower price!

With over 140 utilities, editors, and short-cuts, the Platte Canyon® Plug-In Pro is the ToolBook® developer’s best friend.

Version 11.5 fully supports ToolBook 11.5 and has the ability to import and export PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, WMF, and EMF files. You can choose to import or export only particular image types. For example, you might want to replace all your BMP resources with .PNG equivalents. You can use the Plug-In Pro to export only the BMP format bitmap resources to external files. Then overwrite them with .PNG equivalents and the use the Plug-In Pro to replace all those resources with the PNG ones. You can also find which objects are using particular resources, again by image type. Version 11.5 also has great tools to create image objects and populate them with external graphic files (which are in turn imported as resources). You can put all the images on one page or put each one on its own page. If you still want to use the Web Graphic Placeholder, you can do the same thing with it. The Plug-In Pro also has the ability to copy actions between objects (even from different books!), merge pages to different backgrounds, a tool to save and restore your Command Window scripts, a tool for listing all the web graphics and adjusting their external files if desired, a tool to find all your media players and list/adjust their media, the ability to import clips and see all your clip information, the ability to write your sticky notes to a file, the addition of simulation information such as Instructions and Feedback to the generated spell-check file, and much more!

In addition to all its tools, the Plug-In Pro provides interfaces to undocumented features and adds new ones. Tired of having text that you paste from Word or PowerPoint show weird font tags? Just check the "Paste as Text" button and all text will come in unformatted. Need to add a "Debug" window for testing your LMS, just check that box. Want to control the SCORM settings sent when the user closes your lesson window, select it from the Options screen. Need to dig into Actions Editor properties directly, check a box to make them show up in the Property Browser.

The Plug-In Pro is always available via the “Platte” menu on your ToolBook menu bar. You can show any of the 10 specialized Plug-In Pro palettes. You can even modify the custom palettes and custom menu items with the features you use most!

Plug-In Pro screen capture

New & Featured Tools

Plug-In Pro adds a number of cool features and functions including:


Resources and Clips
Resources & Clips Palette
Page Palette
  • Edit Object Actions on a page. Quickly see a list of objects on the page and quickly access those actions for any of the objects.
  • Merge multiple pages from different backgrounds onto a single background.
  • Field, RecordField, Button, and ComboBox editors let you work with all Text/RichText of the selected type on the page as well as other setting unique to the object. This helps when you want to quickly work with the content of all fields on a page. You can also edit actions or scripts for the objects directly from within the editors.
  • CBT Question Editor provides a quick way to edit a question on a page. No additional pop-up boxes are needed to set all properties of the question. Edit question actions from within the editor as well.
  • View A Page allows you to access another page in your current book or another book without having multiple instances of ToolBook open. You can copy objects from the viewed page with ease.
  • More!
Objects Palette
Questions Palette
CBT Palette
Book Palette
  • Compact book file size and backup the file by using the one-click "compact" feature to save the book as an alternate name and then save it back as its current name.
  • Create a file containing all content (including all question content). This file may be used in MS Word or a similar program to check the spelling of your entire application.
  • Generate a detailed technical report on your file.
  • Use the navigation tool to quickly navigate your application.
  • Export all scripts of the book for future reference or documentation.
  • More!
Properties & Scripts Palette
Background Palette
Alignment & Art
Alignment & Art Palette
  • Open the powerful Align/Distribute/Size tool to distribute objects based on complex relationships including space between objects, edge of objects and much more. You can also size selected objects based on the largest, smallest, and even average size of the objects.
  • Export Paint Objects for editing in your graphics program. Then import them automatically replacing your current ones.
  • Magnify a page and use the page at author or reader level.
  • More!

System Requirements

Plug-In Pro 11.5 works with ToolBook 11.5. Plug-In Pro is also optimized for use with Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista® but works on any operating system that ToolBook supports.

Plug-In Pro Pricing

Description Price
Plug-In Pro $395
Plug-In Pro upgrade from Plug-In Pro 11.0 $75
Plug-In Pro upgrade from Version 10.5 and older $260

Educational discounts are available.

Evaluation Version

Download a fully-functional evaluation version that loads with ToolBook books of up to ten pages. Click here to get started.

User Comments

  • One of the Plug-In tools I use a lot is "Page - View a Page," which allows me to view another page in the same book OR a page in any other book. This is really helpful, so I use it all the time.
  • Is Plug-in Pro available for Version 9.5? I feel lost without it and only just downloaded the new version of ToolBook.
  • If you like the DevEx Tools, you will love Platte Canyon's Plug-In Pro. While it is not FREE, it will save you lots and lots of time. Actually, it will easily pay for itself in your first ToolBook project so after that, in a way...It's FREE after that :-) Just the option to always paste text as unformatted is worth the price, but on top of that you get a bunch (over 140 to be exact) of other utilities like sticky notes, hide and show hidden objects, the CBT question editor and lots more.
  • I use Plug-In Pro to spell check my ToolBook files. That yanks everything out and puts it in a Word document. You get a lot of junk, but you can locate stuff in the Word file.
  • Whenever we use the "edit" command in the resource Manager, our .wav file path is reassigned the long file name (pathed to the hard drive). Our solution: whenever we do anything with a .wav file, we use the "check media path" utility that comes with Platte Canyon's Plug-In Pro. We try to make it a habit to use this utility whenever we have worked on a book that has audio or video files associated with it. This has solved our problems.
  • I wanted to drop you folks a line and tell you how much we are liking the new version of Plug-In Pro. It is outstanding! We are now using quite a few user properties, which was something I hadn't been doing previously. Your editors, like the Page User property dialog, is a big improvement over the built in User Property editor in ToolBook. we are also using the fields editor, which is great.
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