TB Start screen capture

If you have ever wanted your ToolBook application to have a quick-loading front-end application, TB Start is your answer!

Your users will pop in your CD and rapidly see your start-up application, fully customized by you! Your look and feel is the first thing your users see.

TB Start can be highly customized simply by making changes in its configuration file and changing its graphics. For example, you can choose to allow your application to be started in ToolBook author mode if available, display an on-line help file, and/or run a document or other standard file type.

Key features:

  • Locate your ToolBook file on the CD or on the user's hard drive
  • Self-contained executable written in Delphi that runs reliably on any 32-bit Windows platform
  • Automatically load in background, button (normal, invert, and rollover), and icon graphics stored in an external directory
  • Completely control the location and tooltips of all buttons.
  • Checks a registry entry to determine if your application has been installed. If not, it displays the "install" graphics and disables the "run" buttons. If so, it switches to the "reinstall" graphics and enables the "run" buttons.
  • Optionally allow your application to be started in ToolBook author mode if available
  • Optionally display a "Help" button and define a help topic and help file to be displayed
  • Optionally display a "Document" button to launch an external file such as a "Read Me."

System Requirements

TB Start works with ToolBook 6.x, and later. It is for courses delivered on CD-ROM where the developer will write the runtime files and, optionally, the ToolBook file(s), to the hard disk.

TB Start Price

Description Price
Platte Canyon® TB Start™ $195

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.