Training Studio® Version 3.5 is now available!

New in Version 3.5

  • All templates use Responsive Web Design to adapt to different screen sizes from mobile devices to desktops
  • Deploys via HTML and JavaScript with NO plugins
  • Supports Internet Explorer 7 and later, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers
  • Allows users to review questions on question results page if desired. Questions are locked but show how the student answered. Any media associated with the question will play.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for position, fonts, and other formatting
  • All templates completely HTML and CSS
  • Detects HTML 5 media capabilities and uses it to play media if available
  • Reverts to Flash, Windows Media Player, or QuickTime as appropriate if HTML media playback is not supported
  • Optionally includes ALL audio (mp3, oga, wav) and video (mp4, webm, ogv, wmv) formats to support media on all major browsers
  • Shows HTML 5 audio controls when playing audio
  • Plays Adobe Edge or other HTML media
  • Lets you choose between graphical buttons and jQuery UI buttons
  • Contains additional and improved Reports in the Content Editor
  • Expanded reports for the optional Training Studio Tracker Administrator program
  • Includes source [HTML and JavaScript] to allow advanced users to extend product
  • Seamlessly updates version 1 or 2 lessons
  • Much more!
Other Great Features
  • Built-in Comment functionality for reviewers to add comments within a lesson and store them on a web server
  • Rapid lesson publishing with the included Publisher application
  • Optional Show Answers button available always or after a specified number of wrong answers
  • Display an optional technical support email message, link, and input screen for communicating with a help desk or administrator
  • Easy-to-use Content Editor with advanced editing features and "phrases" available via a right-click menu
  • Optional Training Studio Tracker Administrator program to view, manage, and create reports on comments
  • Deploy without a virtual directory on any web server
  • Easily support multiple languages
  • Use the interactive templates provided "as is" or edit as needed
  • Score button can be set to be always available or only visible when needed (depending on question type or the number of correct answers)
  • Set completion status to be based on visiting all pages or achieving a designated mastery score
Training Studio Sample Page

Template Page in Desktop Browser

Template Page (500 pixels wide)
Template Page (300 pixels wide)

Matching Question at 500 and 300 pixels showing Responsive Web Design

Training Studio's basic concept is that the subject matter expert (SME) enters the training content into a database rather than inside an authoring tool. At the same time, the SME selects an interaction type (Timed Bullets, Rollover Hotspots, Multiple Choice Question, etc.) from a supported list. Media and graphics are stored externally and referenced in the database. The e-Learning itself is then generated at runtime by loading the database and the external media/graphics. Advantages of this approach include the ability to quickly update content, the reduced tool-specific training needed for SME’s, the ease of supporting multiple languages, and greatly reduced development/maintenance time. Training Studio uses HTML/JavaScript templates but your content is even independent of that! HTML developers can edit the templates and create new ones if desired. There is a wide array of built-in functionality including SCORM 1.2/2004 support, AICC, a complete review/comment tracking system, randomization of answers, exam scoring, HTML 5 media when available, great interaction using the popular and open-source jQuery library, and page completion display.

Training Studio Content Editor

We are happy to show Training Studio to you any time via a GoTo Meeting demonstration. Use the links to the left to join a scheduled demonstration or to request a personal one. Or send us an email at

The Platte Canyon® TBK Tracker™ Learning Management System (LMS) also tracks Training Studio and Exam Engine content. This is the perfect solution for tracking native (non-web based) content run from CD or on a local area network. Even better is that the SAME content can be used for running on a SCORM-based LMS. We also have a product called Tracker Sync™ that will allow you to synchronize your TBK Tracker content with our Tracker.Net™ LMS.

Training Studio Publisher

Training Studio Prices

Description Price
Development License

Includes all templates (and their HTML/JavaScript source), up to three licenses of the Training Studio Content Editor, one license of the Training Studio Publisher, and the Training Studio Tracker Web service (with its Visual Studio source files).
Development License upgrade from version 2 $895
Development License upgrade from version 1 $1,395
Additional Licenses of Training Studio Content Editor (for use by subject matter experts) $395 each
Additional Licenses of Training Studio Content Editor upgrade from version 2 $175 each
Additional Licenses of Training Studio Content Editor upgrade from version 1 $275 each
Training Studio Tracker Administrator (for use by those needing to view/edit/close comments). This program also allows the creation of comment reports. $495 each
Training Studio Tracker Administrator upgrade from version 2 $195 each
1 Year Training Studio Support (email only) $445

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.

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  • I freaking love TS!
  • OMG I love this!
  • I have to admit, the more time I find to spend in Flex and Flash, the more convinced that Training Studio was the right choice for this project!
  • Thank you for demonstrating Training Studio yesterday. It was inspirational.
  • It’s Saturday night at 9:30 PM. The wife is out of town and I couldn't help myself. I'm at the office, the stereo is up and the beer is cold. I am playing with my new favorite program, Training Studio. I'm still learning a few things and have many cool ideas. But after all the laborious years of packaging headaches, this is great. Anyway, this just rocks. I know I'm rambling but I really REALLY like this a lot! Great great job!!!!
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